Tiny pencil

I plan to do a few soft sculptures of tiny pencils that I've kept since childhood. Here is the first!


Giant Robot Post-It Show

I just realized that I didn't share the Post-It replica I made for the Giant Robot Post-It Show, so here it is!
The original (left) I found in the trunk of my car. Where did it come from? Is it a clue? What does it mean? I didn't recognize the handwriting. I had to replicate it. Mine (right) is embroidery floss on a painted cotton swatch.
Newest sculptures! Let’s talk about sex and beauty and gender and politics.


New Sculpture in the works

Can you guess what it is?  In the meantime, there are still a few pieces available at CURIO by AFN


Crafty crafty

This is why I've been absent lately.  This is what I've been working on, and it's taking FOREVER.  It's a cross stitch of the most beautiful image on the internet, can you guess what it is?


Post-it Show 7!

Post-It Show 7 at Giant Robot 2

December 10 – December 29, 2011
Reception: Saturday, December 10, 6:30 – 10:00 p.m.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276

Giant Robot is proud to present Post-It Show 7 at Giant Robot 2. Curated by artists Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson in conjunction with Giant Robot, the show is slated to feature roughly 2,000 works by noted contributors for only $20. These pieces will be on standard-sized 3″ x 3″ Post-It notes. (Larger sizes of 4″ x 4″ and 6″ x 6″ will cost a bit more.) The pieces will be cash-and-carry, making it a great chance to find one-of-a-kind yet affordable holiday gifts.

Thus far, the ever-expanding list of contributors includes the following:

Trevor Alixopolous, Erin Althea, Esao Andrews, APAK!, Nick Arciaga, Andrice Arp, T. Edward Bak, Scott Bakal, Dan Barry, Gary Baseman, Michelle Borok, Aaron Brown, Calef Brown, You Jung Byun, Lilli Carre, Christine Castro, Martin Cendreda, Helen Chau, Ching Ching Cheng, James Chong, Joey Chou, Chris Cilla, Angie Clayton, Tim Cochran, Allison Cole, Eleanor Davis, Bob Dob, Seth Drenner, Theo Ellsworth, Ines Estrada, Edie Fake, Evah Fan, Korin Faught, Jesse Fillingham, Michael Fleming, Cam Floyd, Renee French, Nina Frenkel, Shannon Freshwater, Future Colors of America, Nicholas Gazin, Susie Ghahremani, Gabe Gonzales, Kio Griffith, Katherine Guillen, Peter Hamlin, Pam Henderson, John Hendrix, Tim Hensley, Jaime Hernandez, Ryan Heshka, Len Higa, Andrew Holder, Jason Holley, David Horvath, Mina Horvath, Patrick Hruby, Rama Hughes, Ryan Hungerford, Tony Huynh, Mark Ingram, Mari Inukai, Jordin Isip, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Levon Jihanian, Hellen Jo, JUURI, Jared Konopitski, Allison Krumwiede, Maple Lam, Travis Lampe, Jeremiah LaTorre, Mashanda Lazarus, Daniel Lim, Christopher Lyles, Liz Mamont, Jed McGowan, Jeff McMillan, James McShane, Monkmus, Brendan Monroe, Rick Morris, Jesse Moynihan, Munkao, Mark Murphy, Gary Musgrave, Eric Nakamura, Shihori Nakayama, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Tom Neely, Tru Nguyen, Anders Nilsen, Mare Odomo, Saejean Oh, Saelee Oh, Ming Ong, Martin Ontiveros, Pacolli, John Pham, Dave Plunkert, Jason Polan, Mimi Pond, Carlos Ramos, Jesse Reklaw, Martha Rich, Andy Ristaino, Julie Robertson, Edward Robin Coronel, Ron Russell, Johnny Ryan, Matthew Salata, Souther Salazar, Brooks Salzwadel, Emilio Santoyo, Scrappers, Ann Shen, David Smith, Owen Smith, Jeff Soto, Dave Stolte, Scott Teplin, Jeremy Tinder, Jesse Tise, Mark Todd, Jen Tong, Shark Toof, Anna Topuriya, Edwin Ushiro, Sara Varon, Jon Vermilyea, Chris Von Szombathy, Liz Walsh, Pen Ward, Esther Pearl Watson, Steven Weissman, Megan Whitmarsh, Kent Williams, Christine Wu, Jeni Yang, Jamie Zollars

Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994, but has evolved into a full-service pop culture provider with shops and galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as an online equivalent.

An opening reception featuring many of the artists will take place from 6:30 – 10:00 on Saturday, December 11. For more information about the show, GR2, or Giant Robot magazine, please contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 479-7311

Here's a sneak peek of my submission:


You're invited!
The CURIO 1 Year Anniversary Reception!

“Join us in celebrating a year of collaborating and collecting in Venice, California!” 

Saturday, November 5th 2011, 7-10pm 

A special “soft sculpture” installation by Mashanda Lazarus. 
A silent auction* of new works by Anne Faith Nicholls 
Rustic wares from Country Industrial’s Ray Degischer 
New pieces by ceramicist Molly Schulps 
Photography by Austin Irving 
And more… 

Drinks generously sponsored by PAMA, Blackheart Spiced Rum, Hypnotiq and Izzy 

*Silent Auction begins at 7:30 and closes at 9:45. 10% of proceeds sold go to the American Heart Association, and to the continuation of winter arts programming and artist collaboration at CURIO. 

You support is greatly appreciated! 

324 Sunset Avenue, Venice, CA 90291
tel: 323-382-6533 • email: info@curiobyafn.com 
website: http://curiobyafn.com 
"Long live the art life!"


Received my issue of Shameless today!!

There are my illustrations, smack dab in the middle of the magazine! Yeahh!