Gender Studies

RIP uhh... Ethyl Moldini

Born about 13 weeks ago, this wonderful woman met tragedy before her time early Monday March 30, 2009 at 1:28 am. This post will document the life and times of Ethyl Moldini.

Earlier, simpler times.

Ethyl at the prime of her life.

After suffering a sliced throat from heavy hair, there were drying issues resulting in what I thought may have been mold, but thought the problem was solved and carried on anyway. Tonight I noticed that the smell had worsened and I began suffering from swollen throat glands. I proceeded to attempt an emergency mastectomy:

but the mold had spread and I feared for my health as well, so she had to go.

I hope no one saw me dispose of the body.


Soft Stool

I submit for your approval: the soft stool. Made from some sort of faux leather material and acrylic paint. The idea was to take an object that we rely on for its stability and make it completely useless by recreating it in an opposite material.


Midterm Messss

This is what my place looked like after midterms. Remember how I wanted to finish the phone by (insert unrealistic goal here)? Well, I still have not finished it. It's close, though! I just need to finish sewing the top and paint on some numbers and details.

More updates soon, as I have another project due this Friday!